Why Us

Datasec is a client-centric company. We consult with our clients on every instance to identify the best cybersecurity technology for their particular security needs. Our account managers and technical teams work closely with our vendor partners to become certified and stay up-to-date on the latest solutions. By combining our expertise with our partner’s solutions, we are able to enhance our technical assets and provide additional resources to our clients enabling them to make the right decision for their organization.

Much like Gartner Inc., we carefully select vendors by determining which organizations are the leaders in their particular technology field. We then work to develop strategic engineering talent around each of these specializations and partners. Datasec deliberately limit our focus on a select vendor/partner set so we can hold the highest certifications and awards within security industry… click here for current Datasec Partners.

What does this mean for our clients? We deliver the best solution, the best quality, the best value, the best choices, and the best pre/post-sales engineering support. Our expertise and partnerships equip our clients with the knowledge and best of bread technology in order to face their cyber challenges.