Hosted Security Operations (SIEM/SOC)

Datasec provides advanced threat detection across your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Our team provides 24x7x365 comprehensive, real-time threat detection throughout your cloud environment, on-premises infrastructure, and hybrid contexts.


100% managed solution
US based security analysts
Automated log collection
Robust cloud support
Onsite incident response
Compliance reporting support


24x7x365 monitoring
End-point detection & response
Real-time intrusion detection
SIEM event correlation
Continuous threat intelligence
User activity monitoring

How it Works


1. Datasec deploys lightweight sensors and endpoint agents in your cloud and on-premises environment(s) – collecting log data, and other security-related events across each environment.


2. Data from security events are analyzed, normalized, and configured to securely send from your environment to our Managed Security Operations Center.


3. Normalized security event data is continuously analyzed (and correlated) for malicious threat activity (i.e., brute force attempts, abnormal process escalation, lateral movement, privileged account use, data exfiltration, etc.) and alerts are immediately responded to, 24x7x365.


4. After triaging incoming alerts and threats, our SOC analysts respond with appropriate action, notifying your team of the security alert and passing off critical remediation steps.

Common Questions & Answers:

Do you provide coverage during after business hours?
Yes, Datasec is 100% managed, providing coverage 24x7x365.
Where do your SOC analyst resources reside?
All of our SOC analysts reside in California.
Is customer security data reviewed outside the US?
No, we never outsource customer security event data.
How quickly can you scale to our needs?
Our hosted SOC platform can scale to virtually any environment size, within a matter of hours.

The Datasec Difference


Our expertise and dedication to service are demonstrated in every interaction with our clients. From understanding your goals to providing the best technologies for achieving your company’s objectives, our analysts and consultants are committed to helping you protect your company’s information.


We’ve strategically partnered with industry leaders to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for your company. Our close relationships with these leaders ensure that your company’s security solution is world-class down to the smallest detail.


Partnering with industry leaders enables us to provide cutting-edge technology that is informed by our experience within the cybersecurity industry.

A Safer Future Starts Today

A Safer Future Starts Today